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Root For Citizen Congressman — 2020

New Leadership to deal with our climate crisis

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Root Routledge
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Root Routledge is running for Congress! He is continuing the brief campaign he started in 2018 for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, now in the 2020 election. Root did not announce earlier than February 2018 in order to finish his online book, which is published here as the 4th Edition. Check out his new campaign website, here (and please donate whatever you can to help Root win this election for our future):

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Root Routledge
Root For Citizen Congressman
Colorado Congressional District 3

This "Stategic Vision for a Viable American Future" poster below, based on his 164-page book of the same title, summarizes the platform Root is running on. Click on the poster or the paper image on the right to go to the 4th Edition of The Unheard Herald to see more, download the poster and read or download the associated "pdf book edition," which tells the story behind the poster, including opening introductory material, the values behind the vision, and the facts and analysis that support the vision.

The subtitle is "Open letter with a moral story of truth for our time." It is written in a readable conversational style as a respectful "Dear Mr President" open letter-essay. Root started this book on February 6, 2017. Although the 4th Edition date is set at 11-07-2017, the book's content was updated into 2018.

2018-02-22: Posting of latest version, 164 pages





eNewspaper Editions

1st Edition 2012-04-07
Keep Durango Local

2nd Edition 2015-03-31
Durango Natural Foods — A Local Co-op at the Threshold of Democracy
3rd Edition 2016-11-07
2016 America — Open Letter to President Barack Obama

4th Edition 2017-11-07
Strategic Vision for a Viable American Future — Open letter with a moral story of truth for our time

Download various versions of 30"x24"
"Strategic Vision Poster"

Supporting Documents

Supporting documents, including campaign postings, videos and photo albums will be added in the future.


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